For SoHo Shops, Bikes Are Spring Window Dressing

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(Camper SoHo store)

(Alex Goldmark, Transportation Nation) Occasionally we get transportation related design gems sent to us worth sharing. Last month, we posted a sample wedding announcement -- with a tandem bike theme.  And then there was this Kate Spade window with a "Just Married" theme.

Now that spring is here, we've noticed a surge in storefronts using bikes as eye candy to lure in customers, particularly in upscale SoHo, New York City and in local restaurants offering natural or organic fare. No surprise there, right?

But we'd love to see how bikes are being used as branding in other parts of the country, or other parts of the city. Have you seen any store window cycles lately?

(Brinkley's restaurant and pub, NYC)

Send us pics, links, or just tell us about what you see in the comment section below.

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