TN MOVING STORIES: States Look to Tolls to Fund Infrastructure, Red Light Running Rampant on Memorial Day Weekend

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More drivers run red lights on Memorial Day Weekend than any other time of year, says a new study. (USA Today)

Highway and bridge tolls are higher for out-of-towners than locals -- even those using EZPass. (AP via Boston Globe)

And: with Congress unwilling to contemplate an increase in the federal gas tax, many states and communities are raising tolls to pay for infrastructure projects. (AP via Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

What will NYC's bike share mean for rider safety? "There may be some relative safety in numbers." (Atlantic Cities)

Land use rules and "NIMBY thinking" are preventing Silicon Valley's growth. (Slate)

NJ Governor Christie said if his $1.6 billion transportation capital plan isn't passed within 40 days, transportation projects will grind to a halt. (Star Ledger)

SpaceX has flown by the International Space Station. (Los Angeles Times)

The lobbying group for auto dealers is complaining that new emissions standards will lower car sales. (The Hill)

A Boston transit rider used the MBTA's new "See Say" app to snap a picture of a sleeping transit officer. (BostInno; h/t Transit Wire)

Subway workers went on strike in Sao Paolo, Brazil, but ended it five hours later after halting a system used daily by more than 4 million people and snarling the city's already difficult traffic. (AP)

Go ahead, kids, text and drive: Minnesota police set up a driving course on a go-cart racetrack where they encourage teens to text behind the wheel so they can experience distracted driving. (KSAX)

64 high school seniors in Michigan were suspended for biking to school (Grist) -- but unhappy parents convinced the school board to reverse that decision. (WTVB)

One Australian photographer has made a name for herself by shooting people on bicycles -- mostly from the rear. (Global Mail; video below)