NYC's 5 Boro Bike Tour Becomes Bike Parking Lot

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(New York -- Stephen Nessen, WNYC)

Five Boro Bike Tour organizers peddled an apology to riders for a "regrettable lack" of communication during the race last weekend in an email Thursday night.

Cyclists faced delays of up to 2-1/2 hours during the 42-mile tour through all the boroughs. Those hardest hit where riders stuck on the BQE.

"Suddenly, we just came to a complete stop and as far as we could see there were bicycles in front of us and eventually as far as we could see behind us there were bicycles," said Lynn Hay, 47, from outside Philadelphia who said it was her first would probably be her last 5 Boro Bike Tour.

In an email sent to participants on Thursday night, organizers apologized for what they call "a regrettable lack of communication to riders, which caused delays and inconvenienced some of you."

Bike New York said they will make sure the situation is never repeated, even if that means reducing numbers. There were 32,000 participants for the annual event.

A spokesperson for Bike New York said they are, "working internally and with agencies involved with the Tour to go over happened and how to correct it for next year." She added that they are "saddened by what occurred," and "currently devoting all of our efforts to this."

See the full story at WNYC, including a slideshow from the tour.

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