TN MOVING STORIES: Freight Rail Boom, Streetcar Plans, Congestion Study,

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Google Maps Adds Real-Time Transit Data in NYC, Salt Lake City (link)
Calif. Devil’s Slide Tunnels Open After a Long Fight (link)
Switching Gears and Bringing Cycling Culture Back to China and Taiwan (link)
Senator Pressuring the FAA to Hurry Up and End In-Flight Ban on Cell Phones (link)

Rendering of a proposed downtown St. Louis streetcar.

NPR examines the global and growing phenomenon of women's-only subway cars. New Delhi joins the trend but it's still no picnic being a female traveler in India. (link)

New research paper finds mass transit significantly reduces car traffic even if only a tiny fraction of commuters ride it. (link - paywall) But luckily, Paul Krugman summarizes the logic of the paper for us, "commuters who take mass transit are, very disproportionately, people who would otherwise be driving on the most congested routes." (NYT)

The broken bolts on new Bay Bridge shouldn't delay the opening. (Sac Bee)

"The revival of the Railroad Age" is here, reports the WSJ, with "a building boom unlike anything since the industry's Gilded Age." The face of it is "hot trains," special trains for high volume customers like the USPS, Amazon and FedEx (paywall link)

We mentioned Maryland's ambitious gas and sales tax transpo funding plan. Here's way more explanation from T4America (link)

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A look at traffic ticket data: "As long as you can manage not to crash your vehicle into something or someone, you can more or less go ahead and ignore the speed limit in Bushwick, the Upper West Side or East Harlem" in NYC. (Capital NY)

A federal database is coming for truck drivers who fail drug tests. (The Hill)

A bankruptcy judge gave the go ahead for American and US Airways to merge. (AP)

How to make an airport energy efficient? Build it modeled on palm fronds maybe. (GizMag)

"Sound suits," cloth horses, and eerie music all combine for a giant dance in Grand Central Terminal as part of its centennial celebration. (WNYC - audio)

The feasibility study is complete on the proposed downtown St. Louis streetcar laying out economic, sustainability and quality of life impacts. This allows the plan to move to next phase of consideration. (CMT St. Louis via Direct Transfer)

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The tallest building in America has added an amenity, a bike valet. (Sun Times via reader @rosalindrossi)

Train station porn: pics of America's "grandest" train stations. (Governing)

And why not, check out a bike made out of wood. (FastCoExist)

Puzzle time. Can you tell urban from rural based on the street grid alone? Per Square Mile posted these (and a few other) test images.

Sample #4

Sample #5

Find the answers at Pay Per Mile. (via Direct Transfer)