TN Moving Stories: How is a Tesla Like a DeLorean, and NJ's Free Roadside Assistance may soon be not so free

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Will the Tesla become the DeLorean of electric cars?  (New York Times)

Senator Schumer wants to make the mass transit tax break--which is due to expire at the end of the year--permanent.  (WNYC)

Alabamans brace for the largest --and most expensive--road project in Birmingham-area history: the $169 million link between Corridor X and I-65.  (Birmingham News)

Auto accidents soar on one Tuscon road; state DOT says it's because drivers aren't obeying a yield sign.  And not that many offenders are being ticketed for this offense, either.  (Arizona Star)

Your NYC subway commute may get even louder: a plan to bring cell service and Wi-Fi to underground stations is back on track.  (New York Daily News)

Parsing Nevada's rail proposals:  mag lev versus high speed versus good old fashioned diesel.  (Las Vegas Review-Journal)

New Jersey's free roadside assistance program  may be on the way out.  "I can take that $12 million and use it for asphalt," says one official.  (The Record)