Just Try to Find a More Heroic Ad for Public Transport than This (VIDEO)

Man, the Danes love their transit.

This ad for public buses shows how wild Scandinavians will go for some fresh clean seats and a dedicated lane.

BuzzFeed, using their characteristic hyperbole, called it "The Sexiest, Coolest, Most EPIC Bus Commercial Ever." We'll just say, it feels like a Hollywood trailer for a summer blockbuster ... if Hollywood made action movies about lusting bus commuters.

Be sure to turn on "subtitles" (the cc button) for translations of the narrator's urgent baritone incantations: "The bus driver is cool," he tells us. The bus has "designer bells with cool functions" and "free handles."

The bus is "big and long" but that doesn't stop it from doing donuts in a parking lot so stylin' that envious motorcycle tricksters spit out their sodas in shock.

"Yeah, the bus is cool," we're reminded. "So get up early and get a good seat."

Even though North Americans take 700 million inter-city bus trips a year, according to the National Bus Association, the motorcoach is often maligned as a second-class option. It would take more than a few ads like this to reverse that, but several new Bus Rapid Transit initiatives around the U.S. just might be a fit for a U.S. follow-up of the cool bus campaign.

Via TreeHugger.