TN MOVING STORIES: FAA Slow To Respond to Problems, London Underground Map Goes Corporate, Work on New NYC Rail Terminal to Begin

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Top stories on TN:
NY’s Rocky Road to a Bike Share Sponsor — or Why The Rollout Will Take Longer Than Planned (link)
Negotiators Kick Off Highway Bill Conference; Boxer Warns “Failure Is Not An Option” (link)
Opening Date For Berlin’s New Airport Postponed; Airlines, Officials Seethe (link)
Tunnel Linking Long Island Railroad to Grand Central Terminal Could Be Delayed (Again) (link)

London Underground map, with corporate station names (image courtesy of Transport for London)

For the first time ever, London's Underground map shows a station that carries the name of a corporate sponsor. Two stations, in fact. (The Economist; h/t 99GR81)

The Federal Aviation Administration has not been responding quickly enough to whistleblower complaints about safety in the aviation industry -- including reports about sleeping air traffic controllers, bad instruments, and unauthorized planes entering US airspace, according to the Office of Special Counsel. (The Hill, Washington Post)

Infographic: your morning commute is ruining your health and threatening your marriage. (Mother Nature Network)

The first leg of construction on New York's future Moynihan Station will kick off later this year, beginning with improvements to Penn Station. (Wall Street Journal)

Children who get driven everywhere don't know where they're going -- but kids who walked or biked to get around can produce detailed and highly accurate maps of their neighborhood street network. (Atlantic Cities)

Richard Mourdock, the man who defeated Sen. Richard Lugar in yesterday's primary, fought Chrysler in 2009 and nearly blocked its quick exit from bankruptcy. (Detroit News)

Toyota's quarterly profit more than quadrupled to 121 billion yen ($1.5 billion), and the automaker gave upbeat forecasts as it recovers from a sales plunge caused by the tsunami in Japan last year. (AP)

A man on trial for killing family members of singer/actor Jennifer Hudson was tripped up by transit records. (Chicago Tribune)

A battle over who owns rural roads is heating up in Utah. (Deseret News)

The Illinois house will act on "quick-take" legislation, which would allow the state to take farms or land from property owners and use it for a highway project. (WBEZ)

How pricey is New York City's bikeshare program? It's at the high end of the charging scale, but not off the map. (Guardian)

Some North Dakota Oil Patch “man camps,” with rows of dormitory rooms and cabins, are bigger than many of that state's cities. (Duluth News Tribune)

Taking a page from Apple’s retail philosophy, Cadillac is marketing its Cadillac User Experience as an iPad on wheels. (Detroit Free Press)

A private company is building a $600 million container terminal in Panama, in anticipation of larger ships coming through the canal. (

Saltwater fish tanks at the Staten Island ferry terminal are being converted to freshwater. (Staten Island Advance)