Been ticketed while riding a bike? Join This Crowdsourcing Project

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Victor Velasquez was ticketed for not riding in an available bike lane.

(Alex Goldmark, Transportation Nation) Have you been ticketed while riding your bike? Know someone who has, or even just seen someone getting a ticket on their bike? We want to hear about it.

Cyclists have to obey motor vehicle laws in New York City. There are more cyclists on the streets—just see this chart. Now, we'd like to map how many more violations are being issued.

We've reported on tickets for speeding, running red lights in Central Park, for not riding in the bike lane on Lafayette street, and riding on the sidewalk in Brooklyn, but we know there are other pockets of increased enforcement out there as well.

Mapping the Bike Tickets of 2011

We're looking to map where, and for what the recent increased enforcement of violations by cyclists.  Please spread the word to all the cyclists you know.

Send them this link:

Or have them come to this post and answer the short questions below.

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