TN Moving Stories: NJ Gets Another ARC Repayment Extension, and Will NYC's MTA Preemptively Shut Down Some Subways During Blizzards?

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Public-private partnerships are winning converts for transportation projects. (Marketplace)

New Jersey now has until January 18th to repay the federal government $271 million for the ARC Tunnel. (Star-Ledger)

Day one of the North American International Auto Show, wrapped up by a Detroit News reporter who had to be at a 6:30am press conference:

The New York Daily News says the MTA may shut down at least some subway service during future blizzards rather than risk trains getting stuck.

Illinois lawmakers voted yesterday to end the practice of giving all senior citizens free rides on local buses and trains. (Chicago Tribune)

Some California transportation officials are pleased with Jerry Brown's budget. (Mercury News)

Who's to blame for this week's spate of flight cancellations: Mother Nature or the federal government? (Wall Street Journal's "Middle Seat" blog)

Governance reform is in the works at the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA): according to Greater Greater Washington, "the plan highlights a good set of proposals for immediate action, but cuts out Northern Virginia governments in a way that could hurt the region and Metro."