TN Moving Stories: Lower Manhattan Bike Share Stations Revealed, Pittsburgh Faces 35% Transit Cuts, MN Biking Safer, CA High Speed Rail Segment Approved and Foo

Top Stories on TN:

New York reveals locations for lower Manhattan bike share docks, we've got the details (link)

NY Governor Cuomo releases the names of who will be making decisions on big infrastructure projects (other than him) (link) but doesn't give any hint how he'll fund the $5.2 billion Tappan Zee Bridge project (link)

Ireland's Transport Minister says that country over-invested in infrastructure and can't afford anything now (link)

Houston gets a bike share, and Gail gets all the details on how it will work (link)

And Kate takes a spin on Leipzig's tram and does cartwheels (link)  Metaphorically.

Hard to know what's hipper... your lastest app, your fixie, your artisanal food, or your food truck (photo: Librarygroover via flickr)

Marketplace looks at why better fuel-efficiency could lead to higher gas prices (Marketplace)

A California board greenlights the first segment of that state's high-speed rail, construction could start this year (Fresno Bee)

...while candidates for Congress spar on its merits (Bakersfield Californian)

Business execs & Democrats speak out against biggest transit cuts in Pittsburgh's history (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

But in North Carolina, where voters approved a transit tax, plans are in the works for a light rail from Raleigh to Durham (

In Minnesota, more people are riding bikes, but fatalities are down (Chicago Tribune)

Used to be, when you hit a pedestrian, you were charged with a crime (Atlantic Cities)

And NPR's Planet Money team rides along as food trucks seek that "mystical spot) (NPR)