No Resolution on Dulles Metro Impasse, But LaHood Optimistic

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Here's his statement:

We have gathered here the Loudon county chair, the Fairfax chair, the WMATA chair and the Vice Chair of the Metro.  We just had a very good meeting.  And what we've decided to do is continue to stand behind this project; it's a very important project.  There are a few things that need to be worked out. We'll probably have a couple more meetings, and then gather together again and find where we stand on things.  The one sticking point, I think that probably is the biggest sticking point, is a provision called PLA, Project Labor Agreement. And the Virginia legislature, when they voted for their budget said that that was something that they prohibited on this project.  So we're going to work with stakeholders, our friends from the airport and the Commonwealth and we'll work this out.  There is actually an agreement that’s been signed by all of the parties.  So the one sticking point I think can be worked out, and it will be worked out pretty quickly, and we'll proceed ahead.

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