TN MOVING STORIES: House To Try Again for Transpo Extension, Port Authority Wants Feds to Expedite Bayonne Bridge Work

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Top stories on TN:
House GOP Scraps Vote on 90-Day Highway Bill Extension (link)
NY MTA: Capital Plan Will Not Go Broke, Platforms with Glass Walls Could Be Coming (link)
Hundreds of EV Chargers Coming to Calif in Legal Settlement (link)
Taxis Are So Hot: Nissan Uses NYC Cab as Ad Model (link)

Bayonne Bridge (photo by Atomische/Tom Giebel via flickr)

The House meets at noon for legislative work, and will try again to pass a bill authorizing the short-term extension of federal highway programs. (The Hill)

Southwest raised airfares in what it says is an effort to offset rising fuel costs; other major carriers soon followed. (USA Today)

The Port Authority wants the Obama Administration to expedite raising the roadbed of the Bayonne Bridge. (Star-Ledger) (To read why the Port wants to raise the bridge, read TN's coverage here.)

Maryland's transit system set a ridership record. (Washington Post)

Federal safety regulators have begun investigating buses made by Motor Coach Industries Inc. over the past 20 years because the drive shafts can fall out and cause drivers to lose control. (Bloomberg BusinessWeek)

The federal government wants U.S. companies to invest in India's plans to spend $1 trillion in five years on infrastructure. (Reuters)

A Jeff Koons-designed train may dangle over NYC's High Line Park. (New York Times)

Gadget thieves are targeting sleepy passengers on NYC subways. (New York Daily News)

One man is on a quest to reverse the decline of the stick shift. (NPR)

A new study out from the Treasury Department says Americans collectively waste $7.5 billion worth of gas just sitting in traffic every year. (Marketplace)

The NYC DOT wants to connect a series of little-known public plazas in Midtown by creating mid-block crosswalks. (DNA Info)

New York's aging C train may get new subway cars. Well, newish. (Wall Street Journal)