Audio Diary of a Distracted Driver

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(Houston, Texas - Melissa Galvez, KUHF)  Houstonians live in a largely-lawless world when it comes to using a phone and driving.  The federal push and coverage of distracted driving's dangers has yet to change the mind of Texas lawmakers.  The KUHF News Lab has been profiling the enforcement challenge faced by cops and the national regulatory environment surrounding talking and texting while driving.  But I also sent a query out to my KUHF colleagues: would anyone be willing to go cell-phone free while driving, for three full days-- and then talk with me about it?  Two drivers recorded their thoughts, which we've turned into audio.

Dacia Clay and Shandra Connor were at different ends of the spectrum: one, convinced she hardly talked at all, the other a self-proclaimed addict. They took on the challenge. These are their diaries of the phone-free experience.

Dacia Clay:

Shandra Connor: