TN MOVING STORIES: Epidemic Driving Failure, Helpful BART Worker Fired, ExxonMobil As Empire

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Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood says that where a federal program has added bike lanes, biking is up 50%. (link)
Occupy shuts down Golden Gate Ferry. (link)
The Metro Dulles rail project known as the Silver Line may be in jeopardy over a labor pay dispute. (link)
In Florida, an aging population struggles to get around. (link)
Bus Rapid Transit gets an international rating system. (link)
Chicago residents get a look at 2020 bike network. (link)

This silver man from the future is beating a traffic jam by switching from a traditional car to a zippy three-wheeled vehicle.

House Republicans are demanding a long-term federal highway funding bill be funded in part with oil royalty money from opening up parts of Alaska and perhaps offshore areas to drilling. (Wall Street Journal)

A Society of Engineers report says drivers' failure to use turn signals is an "epidemic" that causes almost a million crashes per year.  (Autoblog)

A San Francisco transit worker was fired on his 66th birthday for giving a needy teenager free BART tickets to get to school. (San Francisco Chronicle)

You'd think The Sierra Club of Georgia would join transit advocates in supporting a referendum on imposing a 1 percent sales tax for regional transpo projects. Think again. (Atlanta Journal Constitution)

The Silver Spring transit hub in Maryland would serve 100,000 people a day and bring together buses, Metro rail and MARC trains. But it is snakebit: delayed seven times, its cost has now jumped by another $11 million. (The Washington Post)

In congested parts of China and Japan, people are buying cars that carry two and three-wheeled vehicles. It's called dual mode transport and it's becoming all the rage. (Gizmag, nifty video)

Did last year's Carmaggedon in L.A. cause local heteros to stay home, crank up the Barry White and make babies? Some couples say, "yes." (babble)

In a new book, investigative journalist Steve Coll calls ExxonMobil a "private empire." (Marketplace)