Poll: Bike Lanes Most Popular Among Latinos, Lower Income Earners, and Youth

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Some interesting cross-tabs in today's NY1-Marist poll, which shows a pro-bike lane margin even larger than Quinnipiac's:  by a nearly 40 points, 66 to 28, New Yorkers support bike lanes.

Who do you think likes bikes lanes the most? Turns out the answer is Manhattanites (73%), Latinos (72%), and people who earn less than $50,000 a year (70%).  Younger people (under 45) prefer them to older people 68 to 62 percent.

Some other interesting findings in the poll, which delves a bit deeper than Quinnipiac's into people's attitudes:  40 percent say traffic is worse because of bike lanes, 25 percent say it's better, and 30 percent say it makes no difference.

Forty-four percent say the number of bike lanes is about right, 27 percent say there should be more, and less than a quarter want the number of bike lanes decreased.

The poll of 808 NYC adults was taken July 20 through July 27 and has a margin of error of 3.5 percentage points.