AUDIO: Confessions of Bike Abandoners

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We're mapping abandoned bikes in New York City.  So WNYC's Brian Lehrer Show took calls from listeners who have left their bikes to rot on city property.

Like pets at the pound, every orphaned bike has a story, and an excuse,  it seems.

Alex from Forest Hills, NY lost the key to her lock. Megan from Brooklyn was injured while riding and couldn't bring herself to ride again. "I left the bike chained up in front of a bar," she said. "I couldn't bring myself to get back on up on it for a really long time. I actually did move it about a year later and the basket was filled with old paper and coffee cups."

Alex from Chicago used the method of abandonment to gift his working bike parts to the world after his frame broke while riding through Manhattan. "I left it unlocked ... to get cannibalized and in a few hours it was gone."

Listen to the audio for the full details of other tales of abandonment from bike blighters, including a vigilante bike liberator who used a sledgehammer to "free" allegedly abandoned bikes.

It's a better idea to report one to the city. Or us!

If you see an abandoned bike in New York, email a picture of it to Use geocoding if you have it on your phone, or type in the location. It will show up on this map. We'll submit all the claims to the 311 and the Department of Sanitation to see what happens.

Full details on abandoned bikes in NYC in our original post here.

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