TN Moving Stories: Obama Invokes Bridge Collapse, NY Auto Show, TSA Unionizes

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Infrastructure is a campaign topic. President Obama recently invoked the Minnesota bridge collapse to criticize GOP budget. (CBS)

That doesn't mean transpo advocates are all in line. Robert Puentes of the Brookings Institution makes the case for a two-year transportation bill instead of a full six-year reauthorization. (New Republic)

CNN tries to understand why high-speed rail has become such a contentious topic. With companion piece debunking rail myths. (CNN)

Hear a trucker speak frankly about driving with an automatic tracker that monitors his hours and distance. He hated it before he got it, now he likes it. (The Takeaway)

At the NY Auto Show starting tomorrow Chevy will debut the new Malibu, calling it the "most fuel-efficient mid-sized Chevy ever" at 38 mpg. (AutoBlogGreen) Also at the show, Porshe is showing of a replica of a 1900 vehicle they're calling the first ever hybrid. (Wired) There's lots of car porn ahead of the show if you want to see the shiny new 2013 models. (Jalopnik)

For balance, some rail (station) porn. Here's an artist's rendition of the new high-speed rail station in Birmingham, England. (Birmingham Post)

First they slowed down high-speed rail for safety reasons. Now China is removing luxury seating to make bullet train travel more affordable. (Economic Times)

After six weeks of voting, TSA workers will unionize, but they haven't picked which union will represent them. It's time for a runoff election. (AP)

Rail just got cheaper in Hawaii. Estimates for a new transit plan have decreased from $5.5 billion to $5.3 billion. (Star-Advertiser)

The agency that runs the NYC subway, the MTA, is looking to sell its headquarters building and two others to make ends meet. A developer could build a skyscaper next to Grand Central Station on the site. (NY Times)

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