Here's the New NYC Livery Cab Color -- Apple Green

And the winner is..."Apple Green." Some weeks ago we broke the news that the new taxis would be green, and had you imagine what color you'd like for the new livery cabs that can be hailed on the streets in the outer boros.

The idea being, they have to be distinct from yellow cabs, and black cars, so you know right away they are licensed to pick up street hails.

You picked electric lime.  (Though, in fairness, we didn't offer apple green. Silly us!)

And here's the city's pick:

The city's new outer-boro street hails, inspired by the color of Granny Smith apples (photo: Brigid Bergin/WNYC)

Close-up of the new livery cab color (photo; WNYC/Brigid Bergin)