TN MOVING STORIES: Gas Tax Fights, Night Solar Flight, Making Transit Easier

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Top Stories on TN
Here's How a D.C. Suburb Avoided the Capital’s Traffic Nightmare (Link)
After Objections, Va. Gov Amends Two-Tiered Transpo Funding Plan (Link) More details here: (TimesDispatch)
Fun Video: Frank Sinatra Sung In Service of Pothole Patching (Link)
NY Auto Show Opens, Debuts Dozens of New Models (Link)

The Solar Impulse in flight. (Photo: Solar Impulse)

The Solar Impulse, a solar-powered airplane with the wing-span of a jumbo jet, is preparing for a cross country flight. It can even fly at night. (NPR)

Marketplace tries to find out which aircraft maker will win in the US Airways-American merger. American has traditionally bought Boeing planes. US Airways prefers Airbus. (Link)

Boeing 787 faces new risk: limits on extended range (Yahoo)

Using handy charts, Greater Greater Washington shows that driving in Maryland is still a bargain by historic standards, even after the fuel tax hike. (GGW)

Mesa Arizona is having trouble acquiring land for the right of way in its planned transit extension. (AZcentral via Other Side of the Tracks)

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Another study reinforcing the current real estate zeitgeist: walkable downtowns are driving booms in several cities. (Forbes) Our past reporting on transit and real estate prices (Link) And new DC data (NRDC)

The Houston area has $446 million to spend on transportation projects. Here's what's on the table. (Houston Tomorrow)

Meanwhile, Houston Metro is trying hard to make its bus system easier to use. (Chronicle)

LA Metro wants to accelerate spending and construction on its 30 year plan to build new transit options. (Metro)

Should Seattle and Tacoma ports merge? (Crosscut via Politico)

Omaha's mayor's race tackles bike lanes and sprawl. (World-Herald)

Meet the DC Area's million dollar bus stop (WaPo)

Worcester Polytechnic Institute has a plan to trap heat from asphalt roads and pipe it elsewhere, potentially transforming urban streets into giant solar collectors. (Green Futures)

Traffic at the intersection of Wilshire Boulevard and Western Avenue, called the busiest in the world at 1929. (LA Times: more details

And with an unhealthy craving, we can announce the world record has been broken for the largest train ever built entirely from chocolate.  (Link)

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