TN MOVING STORIES: Obama Quips, Levees Hold, 100-yr-old Driver Plows

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(Photo CC by Flickr user JasonParis)

"A report out from Allstate Insurance shows that the population of a city has little to no impact on the frequency of crashes that occur." (Atlantic Cities)

Obama gets snarky on gas mileage policy: "My opponent called my position on fuel efficiency standards extreme," Obama quipped. "Maybe the steam engine is more his speed." (The Hill)

New Orleans' $14 billion levee system holds ... for now. (Marketplace)

A 100-year-old driver plows into a crowd of schoolchildren and parents in Los Angeles, injuring nine. (KPCC)

Amtrak adds service to eastern North Carolina. (Amtrak)

The city of Houston hires Zipcar to bring a municipal electric vehicle car sharing program. (AutoBlogGreen)

"The Los Angeles River is a river, not just a flood control channel; and must be treated that way." It will now be open for recreation. (KPCC)

Seven hours into a flight from Beijing to New York, an Air China flight was forced to make a U-turn because of a "threat." (CNN)

Chicago has a new infrastructure trust. Now that trust, has an oversight system. (WBEZ)

Even thieves wouldn't force a man to walk for transport. Armed robbers make sure victim has bus fare. (DaytonDaily)

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