Abandoned Bike Project: What Makes a Busted Bike into Art?

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Bent frame, creeping rust, sun bleached belly. Pretty abandoned at Prospect Heights, Brooklyn.

As we wrap up our abandoned bike art exhibit, WNYC's arts and culture talk radio program, The Leonard Lopate Show, picks up the topic of busted bikes as beautiful objects.

Listen to TN's Alex Goldmark and host Leonard Lopate discuss the Abandoned Bike Project and why  some derelict bikes and user bike photos rise to the level of art.

Alex argues rusting cycles are alluring because they are ready vessels for poignant stories; it is easy to imagine a hundred woeful tales of city life gone wrong to explain each left-behind bike, from rider remorse, to the pilfering thief who succumbs to opportunity.

Or maybe you have a different answer, or disagree all together.

That's OK.