Where Astronauts Do Their Christmas Shopping

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Festive Space Shuttle with Holiday Wreath

This holiday season if you’re looking for something that is unique to Central Florida you might want go where astronauts stop off to do their shopping.  Yep, after a hard day of clocking in with the U.S. Space program astronauts head out State Road Three and stop at the aptly named “Space Shirts”.

It’s been a must stop destination for engineers, managers, tourists, and astronauts all looking for a bit of holiday space swag.  Co-owner Brenda Mulberry says more than six months after the final shuttle mission people are stilling coming in for the special bit of shuttle memorabilia, “This is going to last for the next couple of years.  It’s not like the frenzy right after the final mission.  But we still get people coming in who say the Space Center is sold out.”

She says community support is strong for the “Space Shirts” business which sells everything from embroidered shirts (done onsite) to coffee mugs, mission pins, and yes holiday items.

Nebula Tree, Orbiting Ornamenets, and ISS with Holiday Lights

Mulberry says top holiday items include holiday cards with the International Space Station decked out in Christmas lights, and tree ornaments of a shuttle and an astronaut framed by a wreath.


Space Shirts is easy to find. It’s located right next to the aptly named “Shuttles Dugout Bar and Grill.” So you don't have to orbit far to grab a bite after spending your shekels on shuttle swag!

There's Lots of Little Shuttles and Astronauts to Choose From