What's getting cut in NYC: A guide

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(Matthew Schuerman, WNYC)  : Beginning Sunday, 38 bus routes will be cut entirely, while another 76 will run shorter routes or shorter hours. Off-peak subway service will be reduced on 11 subway lines starting Sunday, while two others will be eliminated as of Monday. Along with reductions on commuter railroads, the cuts are expected to save the MTA $93 million annually. The MTA is facing a $750 million budget deficit this year. 

The majority of bus routes will remain the same, however, and every subway station will continue be served, though some of them less frequently.

On air, we've used a somewhat vaguer number.  Our count here includes express buses and routes in the MTA Bus Company. Also, we consider a route eliminated when its number is retired, even if service is improved on a neighboring route to pick up some passengers.


NEW YORK CITY TRANSIT INFORMATION LINE: (6 am- 10 pm) 718-330-1234.  Ask for "customer service" when you get a prompt.