TN Moving Stories: Aftermath of the Storm, "Reserving" Parking Spaces in Boston, and Does Urban Biking Have a Diversity Problem?

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More on the storm's aftermath: mass transit in NYC will be limping along today. "As of late yesterday, every line that was operating had delays." (New York Daily News)  Nationally, stranded travelers are still having great difficulty getting home. (AP)

Here's a good round up of local (to the NYC area) service updates from WNYC.

Did budget cuts hamper NYC's cleanup efforts? (Wall Street Journal)

Meanwhile, Boston residents engage in the time-honored post-snowstorm tradition of trying to stake out parking spaces. The thinking seems to be "if I shoveled it, I own it." (Boston Globe)

Want to see Brooklyn dig out? Check out this video:

Light rail to South Phoenix is under consideration, but the wheels of that area's Metro agency turn slowly. (Arizona Daily Star)

Speaking of light rail: officials struggle to keep LA's light rail lines safe. "Responding to accidents on the track...has become a regular part of patrolling the 22-mile Blue Line." (AP via Mercury News)

Good Magazine has a two-part article about diversity and urban biking. (Part I is here.)

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