Walkscore Ranks Top Ten U.S. Cities for Transit

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Walkscore map of all the places you can get to in 30 minutes from Grand Central Terminal

Walkscore, the group that tells you how easy it is to get places from your home on foot, now tells you which cities in the U.S. have the best transit. The score calculates how well each block is served by transit, and then puts that into an algorithm which aggregates the whole city.

Here are the scores:

(1) New York (Transit Score: 81)
(2) San Francisco (Transit Score: 80)
(3) Boston (Transit Score: 74)
(4) Washington, DC (Transit Score: 69)
(5) Philadelphia (Transit Score: 68)
(6) Chicago (Transit Score: 65)
(7) Seattle (Transit Score: 59)
(8) Miami (Transit Score: 57)
(9) Baltimore (Transit Score: 57)
(10) Portland (Transit Score: 50)