TN Moving Stories: Wichita's $6.2 billion transportation dream, and how to raise a NJ bridge 65 feet

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From MasterCard to MetroCard:  NYC's MTA begins piloting new payment system today. (WNYC)

Meanwhile, an average of 236 MetroCard machines are being vandalized daily.  (AM New York)

What did BP know --and when did they know it?  Documents show that the company reported problems with the undersea well a month before the explosion.  (The Takeaway)

Wichita lays out comprehensive transportation plan that includes coordinated traffic signals, more buses, and bicycle-friendly streets.  Price tag to become reality: $6.7 billion.  (Wichita Eagle)

Jack it up 65 feet, or replace it?  The Port Authority grapples with how to raise the Bayonne Bridge to accommodate big container ships.  Meanwhile, their revenues are on the decline.  (Star Ledger)

Everyone agrees that texting while driving is bad--so why can't Pennsylvania's legislature agree on a law to ban it?  The sticking point: whether the offense is primary or secondary.    (Scranton Times Tribune)

Why are derailments on the rise in Tennessee?  The Federal Railroad Administration is trying to figure out why.  (Chattanooga Times Free Press)