I Think That I Shall Never See A Poem As Lovely As That One, Over There, By Mayor B

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It could not be determined by press time whether this was Ovid or Michael Bloomberg.

(New York, NY -WNYC) UPDATED  Question: Which of these names does not belong with the others? Dante, Ovid, Michael Bloomberg, William Butler Yeats?

Answer: Trick question. Each of those poets will have their work displayed on a large Times Square video screen Thursday as part of Poem in Your Pocket Day.

Before the the Mayor's Office released poet Bloomberg's verse, we imagined some. (Actual poem at end of post.)

For example, this Bloombergian haiku:

New York needs further
remaking. On that, I’m firm.
Therefore, my third term.

New York has celebrated Poem in Your Pocket Day since 1992. But this appears to be the first year that the mayor's metric prosody will be beamed onto MTV's video screen at 44th Street and Broadway, beginning at 10 a.m.

The Poetry Society of America, which is sponsoring the event, said in a statement that the mayor's "original poem" will share time with "the five winning poetweets of the Mayor’s Office 'Poetweet' contest; images from the MTA Arts for Transit and Poetry Society of America’s newest Poetry in Motion initiative; and poems by famous authors."

Set aside, if you will, the syllabic abomination that is the word "Poetweet" to consider the possibility that Dylan Thomas' defiant line, "Rage, rage against the dying of the light," could be followed by a scrap of mayoral doggerel about the salutary effects of quitting smoking. Perhaps:

I have promises to keep
And besides, a pack of Marlboros isn't cheap.

SUGGESTION: Compose your own fake example of a poem by Mayor Bloomberg and leave it in the comments section below, or "Poetweet" it at us at @TransportNation. 

50.5 Million Can’t Be Wrong

By Mike Bloomberg

Hey there, fella!  Lady, hey!

Didja hear? It’s “Poem in Your Pocket Day!”

Tenth anniversary – the bubbly’s flowing

People are cheering… yelling… Tebowing

Where best to celebrate this whole affair?

The Crossroads of the World – Times Square

Historic site of many a saga

And on New Year’s Eve… one Gaga

From across the globe, they visit here

50.5 million last year

Wanting to see all they’ve anticipated

Just follow directions – it’s not complicated

Bronx Zoo?                 (Take the  or the )

Rockefeller Center?    (Walk 6 blocks, then enter)

Empire State?              (Bus to Fifth, then go straight)

Ferry to Staten?          (At the tip of Manhattan)

Unisphere in Queens? (Get there via several means)

NY Aquarium?           (Too far for kids to walk.  Just carry ‘em)

“Mamma Mia”?           (Right behind you.  See ya.)

So on this big birthday of PIYP

Have a fantastic day in NYC

Take in the town – there is so much here to do!

(Just have a Poem in Your Pocket when you do)