Truck Safety Mirror Measure Passes NY State Senate

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A crossover mirror on the hood of a city sanitation truck, as viewed from the driver's seat.  (Photo by: Jim O'Grady.)

(New York, NY - Jim O'Grady, WNYC) The New York State Senate passed a bill today that would require special safety mirrors on the hoods of some trucks that use city streets.

The so-called crossover mirrors attach to both sides of the hood and allow drivers to spot pedestrians ordinarily hidden by the front of the truck. On Friday, Mayor Bloomberg announced his support for the bill at a street corner press conference in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, where a woman and her daughter were struck and killed by a van in 1994.

"The mirrors cost on average about a hundred bucks," Bloomberg said. "And when you compare to what it costs for a full tank of gas for these trucks, about 400 dollars, you'll see that it is not prohibitively expensive and it really is a great investment for our safety."

The bill would apply to New York State trucking companies that send vehicles into the five boroughs. Trucks used by city agencies already use the mirrors.

Kendra Adams, president of The New York State Motor Truck Association said a better solution would be installing mirrors at intersections to give all drivers a better view of pedestrians. "Trucks account for only four percent of curbside injuries in the city," she said. "We support and practice safety."

The bill now moves to the New York State Assembly.