Party's Over on the Long Island Railroad

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Beer for sale at NY's Penn Station (photo cc by flickr user roboppy)

(New York, NY -- Anne Marie Fertoli, WNYC)   No more partying on the late night train.  The Long Island Railroad is launching a pilot program banning alcohol on overnight weekend trains out of Penn Station, beginning next month.

Beer is readily available in Penn Station.

Spokesman Sam Zambuto said it's an attempt to cut down on "rambunctious" behavior on trains that can lead to disputes, or, in some cases, criminal behavior. He mentioned some cases where conductors were assaulted by intoxicated passengers.

The ban will go into effect the week of May 14, when new timetables are set to take effect as well.

The alcohol ban will impact all trains leaving Penn Station between 12 a.m. and 5 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights. Zambuto said MTA police will be on hand on the platforms to help enforce the ban.