TN MOVING STORIES: Massachusetts Rail To Offer Cell Phone Ticketing, Former NY Gov. Paterson Joins MTA Board

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Top stories on TN:
New York City Finalizing Maps of Bike Share Stations (link)
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Federal Agency Ratchets Up Transit Push: Calculate Your Carbon Savings (link)
Europe Loves Carpooling, Why Don’t We? (link)
Almost Half Of Staten Island Ferry Fleet Crippled By Chronic Engine Trouble (link)
New Fuel-Efficiency Standards Could Mean Big Savings For Texans (link)
Bay Area Musical Bike Tour (link)

An MBTA commuter rail train (photo by matthrono via flickr)

Commuter rail riders in Massachusetts will be able to purchase and display tickets on their smartphones later this year -- making the T the first rail system in the U.S. to offer passengers an alternative to paper. (Boston Globe; h/t Transit Wire)

Former NY Governor David Paterson will join the New York MTA board. (New York Daily News)

Romney on Keystone XL: "I will build that pipeline if I have to myself." (The Hill)

Atlanta transportation officials learn cautionary tales about sales-tax-for-transit proposals. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

A Formula 1 car race presses on in Bahrain, despite protests. (Marketplace, NPR)

Following negotiations over security concerns, Google Street View comes to Israel. (USA Today)

New Jersey governor Christie signed a 'road rage' bill into law. (Star-Ledger)

Bus rapid transit is coming to Karachi. (Pakistan Daily Times)

Lots of photos of "Pat," the tunnel boring machine that will dig an underwater tunnel between Staten Island and Brooklyn. (Jalopnik)

A university in Britain is developing the "Granny-Nav" -- navigation tools, night vision systems and intelligent speed adaptations -- aimed to help keep older drivers on the road. (BBC)