Poll: By More Than Two to One, New Yorkers Say Bike Lanes a Good Thing

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Photo: Kate Hinds

Some two thirds of New Yorkers say bike lanes are "a good idea," according to a New York Times poll.  By a 66 to 27 percent margin, New Yorkers are in favor of bike lanes.

The poll shows even larger margins in favor of bike lanes than last year's Quinnipiac College poll,  which found 58 percent of New Yorkers favor bike lanes, compared to 37 percent that do not.  But because different polls have different methodologies, it's hard to conclude a trend from two different polls.

A more recent Q-poll found support for bike share at 74 to 19, up slightly from 72 to 23 in October.  Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Friday bike share would be delayed until next spring because of software issues.  It was originally to have launched last month.

The New York Times concluded that "the poll results suggest that the city's residents have gradually become accustomed to bicycle lanes, which have been frequent targest of tabloid ire and are already emerging as a flashpoint in the 2013 mayoral race."