TN MOVING STORIES: Ray LaHood Wants to Get Silver Line Back on Track, Why Youth Are Driving Less, and NYC to Tire Boot Parking Violators

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Top stories on TN:
Report: Drivers to Save Almost $70 Billion by 2025 from Fuel-Efficient Cars (link)
BREAKING: NYC Taxi Commission Approves Plan for Outer Borough Street Hails (link)
Trans-Hudson Tunnel Awarded Another $20 Million — If Congress Okays It (link)
Virginia Budget Passes Without Silver Line Funding (link)

From a Star-Ledger editorial on Wednesday's Senate committee hearing, in which a Port Authority executive went after Senator Frank Lautenberg for using a free EZPass: "If taking offered benefits is a crime, then (Port Authority executive Bill) Baroni is a felon and the governor is his high-flying accomplice."

Just how rare was Wednesday's hearing brawl? “It’s highly an unassisted triple play, you never go to the ballpark expecting to see one.” (North Note: you can listen to some fiery audio from the hearing here.

US DOT head Ray LaHood is going to have a sit-down with everyone involved in building the (possibly delayed) second phase of the DC-area Silver Line. (Washington Post)

So far, the candidates for New York City's next mayoral race aren't embracing congestion pricing. (Capital New York) Read TN's story about candidate Scott Stringer's approach to transit funding here.

So why are young Americans driving less? The Takeaway talks to one -- as well as the co-author of a new study on youth driving habits.

Janette Sadik-Khan talks about the urban density -- and the Keystone XL pipeline -- on MSNBC. Two JSK quotes: "If you really want to save the planet, you should move to New York City." And: "It's an economic development strategy to be investing in mass transit."

New York City will soon be putting tire boots on any car whose owner has accumulated $350 or more of unpaid tickets. (New York Daily News)

Web commenters helped identify a part from a hit-and-run -- and now Virginia police have a suspect. (Jalopnik)

Grand Rapids wants to re-brand a former auto factory, "but they know there’s limited cache to trying to peddle a former GM plant." (Changing Gears)

Are GPS systems in Irish taxis inadvertently changing traffic signals? (Irish Times)

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa briefly walked out of a transportation committee meeting after another elected official used the term “gang rape” in a reference to a transit sales tax championed by the mayor. (Los Angeles Times)

Art bike! See photos of spirograph-like Sharpie artwork created by a stationary bike. (PSFK)