Janet Napolitano on Airport Full-Body X-Ray Scanners

A TSA Agent viewing images from a full body X-Ray scanner. Image: Getty Images

(Alex Goldmark, Transportation Nation) Opposition from travelers is mounting to new security screening equipment that uses full-body x-ray technology at airports ever since it surfaced that thousands of images of travelers were being saved, and some of them surfaced online.

Our partner, The Takeaway, will be speaking with Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano tomorrow morning. It's sure to come up. For now they're asking you if this new technology is causing you to rethink your travel holiday travel plans.  Here are some of the responses they've gotten so far:

-- "If it means my family and I can fly more safely, I am all for it." via Facebook, Rusty Roy, Groveport, Ohio.
-- "Do I agree with them? Not so much. Would I vote against them? Yes. But do I have the luxury of circumventing them by not flying at all? No," via Facebook, Cristy Moran, Miami Fla.
-- "Yes. No cold showers that morning. :))" via text msg from Pontiac, Mich.

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