NYC Prize for Subway App That Works While Underground

The top new transit app in NYC is now official, at least as far as government sponsored contests go. Embark won the MTA's app contest in February, and last night the trip planning phone application won the  NYC BigApps competition in the mobility category.

Last year, when NYC doled out $40,000 in prizes for apps that use government data in useful ways, transportation cleaned up with two of the top three.  This year Embark was the lone tool for getting around to get a nod. (Full list of other winners).

While most trip planning tools require internet access to generate suggested routes, or tell you your travel time, Embark is designed to work underground while actually on the subway. So when the garbled overhead announcement threatens to ruin your plans with a delay or unexpected closure, you can whip out your phone to see what alternatives you have right there on the train.

Nest year, maybe we'll get an app for making your train switch to express when you're running late.