TN MOVING STORIES: Toyota's Big Year, Muni Turns 100, Protests Shutter New Delhi Metro Stations

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Another Silicon Valley Perk — Free Shuttle Service (link)
Toyota Reaches $1 Billion Deal in Runaway Cars Case (link)

Smog in New Delhi, India (photo by Tico via flickr)

As private car ownership rises in New Delhi, so does pollution. "We have to stop this untamed motorization now,” says one environmentalist. (New York Times)
Meanwhile, protests over the Indian government's handling of a vicious gang rape led to the closure of all nine Metro stations in that city. (India Today)

Toyota may be facing a big settlement payout, but 2012 was very good to the automaker. "Toyota has had a phenomenal year,” says one analyst. "They’re up 29 percent year to date.” (KPCC)

New York City's Transit Museum is piloting a program to teach autistic middle schoolers about riding the subway. (Museum Access Consortium)

San Francisco's Muni -- "the people's road" -- turns 100. Which means it's a good time to improve service. (SF Gate editorial)
To celebrate the anniversary, the city's oldest surviving bus will return to the fleet today. (Photo at Market Street Railway)

Discuss: Should sleepy driving be prosecuted like drunken driving, or is it simply an accident? (New York Times/Room for Debate)

Rudy Giuliani has begun to reach out to Republican bigwigs to talk up MTA chair Joe Lhota’s potential run for mayor. (New York Post)

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There are so many vacant office buildings in Amsterdam that the city may begin tearing some down. "Soon we will witness the demolition of brand-new offices." (Wall Street Journal)

Straphangers waiting for F and M trains at Manhattan's Delancey Street station act as a human real-time subway arrival system. (New York Times)

Twenty-five years after opening, Silicon Valley's light rail is among nation's worst. "Today, fewer than 1 percent of the county's residents ride the trains daily." (Mercury News)

Are smaller cities doing a better job getting bike share programs off the ground than bigger cities? (Next City)

Oregon is nearing completion of its latest vehicle miles traveled pilot. "The idea is that charging motorists based on how far they drive -- as opposed to how much gas they consume -- is a more financially sustainable model." (Governing)

The new Tappan Zee Bridge will have 110,000 tons of steel in its superstructure -- and 550,000 tons of concrete. (New NY Bridge)

Not all Bay Area traffic is equal: commuters from some cities contribute more to congestion than other places. (KQED)

The East River Ferry, which chauffeurs residents from the Queens and Brooklyn waterfront to Manhattan, will keep running until at least 2019. (DNA Info)

The Chicago area’s commuter rail agency is installing defibrillators on all of its trains. (Sun Times)

The etiquette of Silicon Valley's shuttle buses: “I was once yelled at for streaming Obama's acceptance speech at the DNC,” a Google bus rider reported. “It was using too much bandwidth.” (New York Magazine)

SpaceX took its reusable rocket -- the Grasshopper -- out for a test run. Watch as it stays aloft for 29 seconds. (Slate)

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