TN MOVING STORIES: Hackers vs BART, Referenda, More Labor Issues

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Mark Ovendon wrote the book on transit maps, several of them anyway. In a special post to TN, he describes Penn Station's lost grandeur and imagines what a more glorious rail hub would do for NY travelers. (Link)

Also from Penn Station: An ode to railway maps as art, inspiration to travel and a inducement to journey by rail. So why isn't there an Amtrak map posted in Penn Station? (Link)

House Transportation Committee Chair John Mica is being followed by protesting flight attendants for his stance on FAA funding. Mica talks back calling them "pawns," defending his stance to roll back a provision that makes it easier to unionize. (Link)

BART shut down cell service to disrupt protests on train platforms, saying it would be unsafe. (Photo (cc) Flickr user adactio)

Hackers are targeting San Franscisco's BART system with a digital attack of some sort after the agency shut off cell service in four stations last week to thwart a protest over a shooting by a BART police officer. (KALW and SF Gate) The Takeaway speaks with a contrite Lynette Sweet Board Member of BART, who opposed the move, saying, "we kind of invited this kind of critique of BART." (The Takeaway) Protests are called for this weekend on Twitter with the hashtag #muBARTek.

Here's why the trucking industry actually supported President Obama's new regulations for heavy truck fuel efficiency. (National Journal)

Politicians want the National Labor Relations Board to back off Boeing, call it a "rogue agency." (The Hill)

With federal funding become more fleeting and hard to come by, Atlanta and Seattle are turning to referenda. (Transport Politic)

Toronto removes a bike lane to speed up car traffic as Mayor Rob Ford continues to roll back what he calls the "war on cars." (The Guardian)

A new app is piloting in Manhattan that adds market forces to parking in public spots, letting drivers pay each other to coordinate their coming and going so they can share spots. (Fast Company)

In case you missed it, Major League pitcher Jeremy Guthrie is profiled as an urban thinker, largely because he bikes to work, even away games (the last leg anyway). (Spacing Toronto)

And for fun, here are 100 license plates banned by the California DMV. (Jalopnik)