TN MOVING STORIES: NORAD Tracking Santa; Wealthy Chinese Buying the "Rolls-Royce" of Bikes; Longshoremen's Strike Looms

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A subway token booth, tricked out for the holidays (photo by Kate Hinds)

Wealthy Chinese are buying bikes that cost more than the average citizen makes in three years, motivated by nostalgia for the days when two wheels were the primary means of transport. "It's like the Rolls-Royce of bicycles. Very classical, purely hand-made," says one owner of his $16,000 bike. (Reuters)

NORAD is tracking Santa. (Link)

On some roads in Texas, bikes are banned, raising questions about just where bikers have the right to ride. “Banning bicycles from the roadway with no alternative, that’s a fight like the Alamo," says one advocate. "We can’t lose our freedom of movement." (State Impact Texas)

A subway train derailed in Manhattan on Saturday. (New York Times)

America's "Merriest Cities," as calculated by the "Grinch Conversion Index." Holla, Trenton! (Atlantic Cities)

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So, you want to be a flight attendant? Get in line. Delta Air Lines says 22,000 have applied for the 400 openings it expects to hire early next year.  (Marketplace)

The looming prospect of a longshoremen's strike at 15 ports from Boston to Houston as early as Dec. 30 has shippers and retailers pleading with the union and cargo carriers to avert a major trade disruption. (Wall Street Journal)

Pedestrian railroad accidents typically receive little attention, despite being the leading cause of death on the rails. (AP via SFGate)

Idaho Senator Mike Crapo was arrested and charged with drunk driving. (Politico)

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