TN Moving Stories: "Perfect Storm" of Highway Delays in Georgia, and Canadian Coup in Michigan?

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Highway repair problems in Forsyth County create "perfect storm" of delays; residents form PAC called "Get 141 Done."  (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Has the Michigan state house been taken over by Canadians?  Opponents of a new Detroit-Canada bridge say YES.  Legislation approving bridge's construction clears house, moves on to state senate in face of fierce opposition from...owners of existing bridge.   Proponents say it will create jobs and boom in commerce. (Detroit Free Press)

South Jersey drivers, watch out for TACT: state police will be "Targeting Aggressive Cars and Trucks" in an effort to curb aggressive driving. (Courier-Post)

What's under LaHood:  transportation secretary thinks the rest of the country can learn something from New York. (WNYC/Brian Lehrer Show)

President Obama will announce a moratorium on new deepwater drilling permits while country waits to see if "top kill" stops oil leak in Gulf of Mexico. (NPR)

Take the train to the plane (well, by 2016): construction to extend DC Metro's 'Silver Line' to Dulles airport kicks into high gear. (WAMU)

Ahoy, mateys!  Fleet Week parade of ships kicks off in the Hudson.  (New York Times)