TN MOVING STORIES: GAO Disputes Christie's Rationale for Cancelling ARC Tunnel; Toyota Wants To Be More Like Apple

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Top stories on TN:
U.S DOT: Transit Ridership Up Again in February, Increase Highest Since 2005 (link)
After 5-Year Wait, Ballfields Near Yankee Stadium Finally Open (link)
The MTA Removes Countdown Clocks on the 34th Street Crosstown Line (link)
DC Taxi Plan Would Revamp Aging Fleet (link)

ARC Tunnel groundbreaking, back in 2009 (photo courtesy of the Tri-State Transportation Campaign)

NJ Governor Christie exaggerated when he said that unforeseen costs to the state were forcing him to cancel the ARC Tunnel, according to a report by independent Congressional investigators. (New York Times)

TN's Alex Goldmark is talking about why so few NYC bike crashes lead to arrests on this morning's Brian Lehrer Show. (WNYC)

Toyota wants to revamp its design so it's more "visionary" -- like Apple. (New York Times)

MARTA board members voted to proceed with a $3.5 billion rail expansion plan, but if voters don't approve a regional sales tax in July the trains may never leave the station. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

A breakdown of subway ridership data shows more straphangers are forsaking the Mets for the Yankees. (AM NY)

Missouri lawmakers are reviewing legislation that would make it legal for riders to carry guns on public transit. “This is about making people feel safer about riding,” says one legislator. (Kansas City Star)

Why don't Americans walk more? Tom Vanderbilt's four-part series in Slate premieres today. (Part 1)

Drivers in Leipzig, Germany, are being offered free public transit this week in order to cut down on traffic congestion. (BBC)

March was so warm it didn't just break national records, it jumped up and down on them and left them for dead (Huffington Post) -- making how climate change will affect transit systems a hot topic.

And: the mild winter also means that companies drilling for natural gas now have a a lot of it on their hands -- and are running out of places to store it. (Marketplace)

It may have started out as a TN April Fool's joke, but are left-handed turnstiles such a crazy idea after all? Maybe not. (New York Magazine, Gothamist)