TN Moving Stories

Judges Regularly Break Sentencing Law on Speeding Tickets (Chicago Tribune) Metro Chicago courts keep tickets off drivers' public records by incorrectly using supervision.

Atlantic City Jitneys Going Green (Press of Atlantic City) Atlantic City is converting their 190-vehicle fleet to shuttle buses that operate on compressed natural gas.  But so far, drivers can only fuel up at one location.

Bridge Construction Ahead on the Walt Whitman (Philadelphia Inquirer) "Functionally obsolete" bridge -- one of the busiest in the city -- to spend four years upgrading, one lane at a time.  Drivers sing the traffic electric.

Ellison Intermodal Rail Yard Fight Goes to State Supreme Court (Roanoke Times) Montgomery County argues against the rail yard and challenges Virginia's use of public funds for private projects.

Florida Cyclists Fight Bill Requiring Them to Stay in Bike Lane (Orlando Sentinel) New safety bill requires use of bike lanes if available; cyclists say lanes are often too close to parked cars and they're at risk from being "doored."

NY Names Director to Oversee High Speed Rail Program (WCAX) Marie Corrado to help spend New York's paltry $151 million.

Congress Not Impressed with Metro's Safety Measures (WAMU)  Metro officials want more federal money; Congress wants to increase oversight.