Brooklyn Bridge Project Closes Skate Park

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(WNYC, Kate Hinds, May 13)        The Brooklyn Banks (a red brick plaza under the ramps of the bridge on the Manhattan side) whose ramps, angled surfaces and staircases are catnip to skateboarders (and bikers, and practitioners of Parkour) -- is about to be taken offline.  The Department of Transportation just posted a notice (pdf) that this area will be closed beginning May 15th. (More)

This has been long in coming and has inspired a slew of blog posts, and even a couple of Facebook groups.  We're doing some research to see how long the area will be closed and if it will be restored after the bridge work is completed.  If you know anything, please comment below and make sure to provide a source.  In the meantime, you can feed your Brooklyn Banks skateboard craving by watching a video tribute here.

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