TN MOVING STORIES: Deadly Crash on China Bullet Train, FAA Furloughs Workers, And What Can Atlanta Learn from Denver's Transpo Tax?

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(Chinese Maglev High-Speed Rail Train (cc) by Flickr user: cramnic)

A crash on  one of China's high-speed rail lines killed at least 43 people -- and added to concerns about safety on the lines. (New York Times)

The FAA furloughed thousands of workers after Congress failed to reauthorize its funding. (The Hill)

New York Governor Cuomo "faces a rough ride" in choosing a new MTA head. (Wall Street Journal)

What can Atlanta's transportation system learn from Denver ? Quite a lot.  Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Boston's MBTA is considering raising transit fares to combat its $8 billion debt. (WBUR)

Los Angeles's mayor wants to cement his legacy through his public transit projects. (Los Angeles Daily News)

Rhode Island is having public hearings over proposed cuts to that state's bus service. (Boston Globe)

The New York Daily News writes of outgoing MTA chief Jay Walder -- who had four years left on his contract: "We (don't) have to praise him and thank him as he walks off the mound in the third inning of a nine-inning game."

And how hot was it last week? Hot enough that DC allowed people to drink water on the Metro. (WMATA press release)