TN MOVING STORIES: BART Replacing Bacteria-Laden Seats, Hybrid Car Payoff Takes Years, Brainstorming Ways To Turn TZ Bridge Into a Park

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Top stories on TN:
NYC and MTA Feud Over Ownership of Crane Collapse Site (link)
Post 9/11 Security Upgrade To NYC Transit Lags (link)
Boston Epicenter of Occupy Transit’s Day of Protest as MBTA Approves Fare Hike (link)
Long Island City Parking Lot Now A Park (link)

Chevy Volt at the NY International Auto Show (photo by Kate Hinds)

A Southern California government group voted to approve a $524 billion agreement that calls for nearly half the region's transportation money — $246 billion — to go to public transit. (AP via San Francisco Chronicle)

Car owners who buy hybrid and electric cars may not necessarily be saving money. "Gas would have to approach $8 a gallon before many of the cars could be expected to pay off in the six years an average person owns a car." But for some drivers, the benefit to the environment outweighs the cost. (New York Times)

What went wrong with DC's 'parking meters for the disabled' program? Issue #1: disability placards essentially became a “commuter parking pass,” said one official. (Washington Post)

San Francisco has begun replacing some of the bacteria-laden BART cloth seats with easier-to-clean vinyl ones. Ah, nostalgia: "The four cars with new seats lacked that classic BART smell: the subtle mix of mildew and body odor." (Bay Citizen)

All 25,000 light fixtures in Boston's Big Dig tunnel have to be replaced, at a cost of $54 million. (Boston Globe)

Meanwhile, Boston transit riders -- who will be paying 23% more to ride the T as of July — may have to dig even deeper next year if state legislators fail to fix the T’s funding crisis, the state’s transportation chief warned. (Boston Herald)

Denver bus drivers protested cuts in public transportation funding and services, saying getting people to and from jobs and home is a basic civil right. (Denver Post)

NYC transportation expert Sam Schwartz will talk about his equitable toll pricing plan each Thursday this month on the Brian Lehrer Show. Tune into WNYC this morning around 10:40am to hear his first installment.

New York's aging Kosciuszko Bridge — which connects Brooklyn to Queens via the BQE — will be replaced to the tune of $460 million. (WNYC)

New York's Taxi of Tomorrow is on view at the New York International Auto Show. (WNYC)

Planners and students are brainstorming ways to turn the existing Tappan Zee Bridge into a park. (New York Times)

Actor Ryan Gosling saved a British tourist from being hit by a NYC taxi--at least according to Twitter. (New York Daily News)