TN Moving Stories: Radar guns vs. eyeballs, bicycle-powered chargers, and continually trying to count Brooklyn Bridge jobs

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VP Biden visits Brooklyn Bridge rehab, touts job creation--but good luck putting a number to it.  (WNYC)

Ridership on CalTrain, the San Francisco-area's commuter rail, is at an all-time high.  So it must be a good time for a budget cut, right?   (The Takeaway)

Get ready for your closeup: Bradley International Airport prepares to deploy new  "passive millimeter wave technology" to screen passengers.  (Hartford Courant)

Georgia governor signs legislation that could create massive transportation change in that state.  But a lot can happen between now and 2012, when the law goes into effect. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Ohio police don't need to rely solely on radar guns:  State's Supreme Court rules that "visual estimate" of speed is enough to make a speeding ticket stick.  (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

Just don't talk while you're pedaling: Nokia unveils bicycle-powered cell phone charger. (CNET)

Cosmonauts locked inside ship for 520-day Mars mission--in a warehouse in a Moscow suburb.  (BBC)