NYPD Bike Shover Found Guilty of Lying -- Cleared on Assault and Harassment

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It's become a symbol of the conflict between bikers and everyone else -- the endlessly circulated YouTube Video of a police officer shoving a cyclist participating in a demonstration.

This just in, from the AP -- A former New York City police officer has been convicted of lying about a clash with a bike-riding activist. But the ex-officer has been cleared of the assault and harassment charges stemming from the Times Square confrontation.  Jurors delivered their verdict Thursday in the criminal case against Patrick Pogan.  The Manhattan trial underscored tensions between the city's police and a group of pro-cycling demonstrators.  The case also highlighted the growing prevalence of witness videos in law enforcement.

Pogan initially reported that cyclist Christopher Long steered into him and knocked him down in July 2008. A tourist's video replayed on YouTube contradicted Pogan's account.  Pogan testified last week that he was trying to protect himself during the encounter and never meant to misrepresent what happened.