Meet Mark Smith, Bay Area Transit's New Police Auditor, Appointed After High-Profile Police Shootings

Independent Police Auditor Mark Smith. Photo courtesy of BART.

(San Francisco – KALW) When Oscar Grant was shot and killed by BART policeman Johannes Mehserle two-and-a-half years ago, the BART police force was heavily scrutinized and audited. The auditors recommended more than 120 changes, including arming BART police with tasers and providing crisis intervention training. But just a few months later, BART was involved in another shooting, again near the Fruitvale station in East Oakland. Then, earlier this month, a BART police officer shot and killed a homeless man named Charles Blair Hill on the platform of Civic Center station.

So has anything changed in BART police protocol? After the Hill shooting, the BART board launched an investigation. It’s the first big challenge for the agency’s new independent police auditor, Mark Smith. Smith sat down with Casey Miner to discuss how BART police conduct their business. Listen to the interview over at KALW News.