Denver is first with major bike-share

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Denver 069

Bike share users register online, and pick up and return bikes at any of 40 stations around Denver (photo: Andrea Bernstein)

(Andrea Bernstein, Transportation Nation) Boston, Minneapolis, and Denver all have been planning roll-outs for major bike share programs this spring, but Denver is first out of the gate. A rainy earth day marked the launch of 400 bikes in the bike-share program, which is designed to significantly augment Denver's public transit system. (Washington DC has been up and running for a while, but with only 100 bucks, it's widely seen as too small to serve that mass transit function). Denver's program is run by B-cycle, which has built-in GPS devices to deter theft -- at any one time the operators will know who has checked out a bike and where it is. Boston and Minneapolis start later this spring. Several dozen European cities have bike-share programs, and New York, San Francisco, and Portland are all in the early stages of development.  Hear from a rider, and a reporter in Denver on the day of the launch: The Takeaway.