Carmageddon in Photos

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Work crews chip away at the Mulholland Drive bridge over the southbound lanes of the 405 freeway. The demolition required an unprecedented 53-hour shutdown of the key southern California freeway, marking the first time the highway has been silent in more than 50 years.

(Photo with permission, Anthony Citrano,

It seems odd to make a banner headline out of smooth flowing freeways, but the city of LA is pleasantly mystified at the lack of traffic this weekend, billed as Carmageddon. The precious 405 highway and the city did not grind to a halt, in fact alternate routes weren't even jammed. The NYT is reporting on idle traffic cops around the city watching empty roads. Depending on how you look at it, the hype was either misguided hysteria, or effective and necessary, working so well that drivers fled the city and holed up at home in such numbers that crisis was averted.

For a better sense of the project and why the shutdown happened see Friday's post. But for now, join Angelenos and marvel and the bizarre glory of open pavement in car city.

Here are a few carmageddon photos, and videos for a visual roundup of the non-event in Los Angeles. You could actually watch portions of the 405 have almost no traffic on CalTrans live traffic cams.

Here's a sampling captured to You Tube late Sunday morning.

A California Highway Patrol vehicle straddles a quiet 405 freeway.

(Photo with permission, Anthony Citrano,



Flickr user i be GINZ took this on the 405N near Inglewood, writing "Awesome. Zero traffic on the 405N. Carmageddon should happen more often."

Traffic Police had little to do around town. (Photo (cc) by Flickr user Malingering)

The dreaded intersection of the 10 and the 405, blissfully swift as captured by Flickr user johnathanhstrauss.

And in a weekend of unexpected transportation events, a bike team raced an airplane and won. The LA bike team, Wolfpack, doubled down on JetBlue's opportunism and raced the airline's special $4 flight from Burbank to Long Beach. They blogged about it here. This is what they looked like:

Burbank to Long Beach, Bikes: 1:34, Flight Passenger 2:50 (Photo: (cc) Flickr user Waltarrrrr)

If you have videos or more pictures send them to us at transponation at gmail, or post them in the comments. Some funny videos are already starting to pop up on You Tube.