TN MOVING STORIES: Seattle Takes On Parking Requirements, Portugal Abandons Bullet Train Program, Kids Today Not That Into Cars

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Top stories on TN:
NYC Taxi Industry Squirms At Prospect of New Rules (link)
New East-West Bike Lane Coming to Central Park (link)
Spokies: Oklahoma City Gets Bike Share (link)
Turkeys: They’re Pedestrians, Too — In Montana’s Largest City (link)
House Republicans Officially Introduce Surface Transpo Extension (link)

Bikeshare users in Washington, DC (Photo: Tara Bahrampour)

Twenty-somethings aren't that interested in car ownership. "They think of a car as a giant bummer," says an MTV VP. (New York Times)

Real estate is appreciating faster around New Jersey's transit hubs. (New York Times)

DC struggles to keep pace as bike commuting rises. (Washington Post)

President Obama spent the past two days traveling the country, touting his all-of-the-above energy strategy. (NPR)

Sam Schwartz is shopping his NYC bridge tolling plan to politicians -- but so far Albany's big three have eluded him. (Wall Street Journal)

Seattle city planners want the city to eliminate parking requirements for new developments within a quarter-mile of frequent transit. (Seattle Times)

Portugal's high speed rail program has been 'definitively abandoned'. (Railway Gazette)

Meanwhile, workers striking to protest Portugal's austerity measures brought public transit in that country to a halt. (AP via Bloomberg)

Toronto's City Council killed the mayor's subway plan and voted in favor of light rail instead. (Toronto Star)

Domestic oil production is up, consumption is down; does this mean the U.S. is moving toward energy independence? (The Takeaway)