TN MOVING STORIES: San Francisco Has Plan to Speed Buses, LaHood Supports Earhart Search Mission, Nissan To Resurrect Datsun Brand

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Today's headlines:
A plan to speed San Francisco's buses will bring all-door boarding this summer, synchronized traffic lights within two years and specially colored bus lanes and relocated stops by 2017. (San Francisco Chronicle)

John Mica on the Senate transpo bill: "The Senate bill is not going to pass the House," Mica said. "No way.” (Washington Post)

Capital Bikeshare is piloting a low-cost membership program for the homeless. (Washington City Paper)

Austin police are going undercover as pedestrians to target motorists who illegally encroach upon crosswalks. (The Statesman)

Among the options Google and Mountain View are considering to reduce congestion: building a rail system that transports individual commuters around town in little capsules. (California Planning and Development Report)

Is the Boeing 737 plagued with structural problems? (The Takeaway)

Despite a policy decision to rein in unused sick and vacation time payments for nonunion workers, NJ Transit spent $4.112 million last year in payouts. (Asbury Park Press)

Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are supporting privately-financed expedition to search for the wreckage of Amelia Earhart's plane. (Wall Street Journal, Washington Post)

Worried about discount bus safety? There's an U.S. government-approved app for that. (ABC News)

Remember Datsun? It's ba-ack: Nissan is reviving the brand -- but for India, Indonesia, and Russia, not developed markets like the U.S. (Forbes)

And take a drive down Datsun memory lane with this commercial for the 280-ZX -- piloted by none other than Steve Wozniak. (h/t Forbes)


A Colorado man's bike was stolen, then returned it with a note: "Sorry I stole this bike....Drunk."(NPR)

The video Bending Sounds was "shot within a couple hours on a sunny Saturday capture the inspirational sounds and visuals of the NYC subway." Favorite moment: at about 1:30 in, a steel drum player riffs on the big band classic "In the Mood."